TRIM Support Enabled

Hello everyone,

After a couple of days getting myself around my new MacBook Air (or MBA as some like to call it), I began looking around to learn and understand more about the Mac.

I ran across an article on the internet the other day about SSD (Solid State Drive) technology. My new mac comes with a flash drive, not the regular hard drive that has mechanical parts, but instead a solid state drive which is like the computer’s memory but acts as a hard drive.

If you are following my posts -I hope you do and enjoy them-, you know that I’ve recently downloaded the latest (July 2012) version of Mac OS X 10.8 (a.k.a. Mountain Lion). This version supports TRIM, which basically enables the SSD to handle bargage collection overhead. In other words, TRIM knows which blocks of data are no longer in used and wipes them internally, so there is no need to run a disk defragmenter utility, in fact, running a defrag tool on a SSD can damage the disk.

Conclusion: if your drive is a SDD, check for TRIM support on your operating system and use that instead of a disk defrag utility.

Have a great day!


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